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Open Staff Application Spots!

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Open Staff Application Spots!

Postby IEpicDestroyer » Sat Jan 28, 2017 5:41 am

Hello Epic Legends Members!

We have open staff member spots to have people to apply to. Please note, that we have a 1 day requirement so players do not apply when they just join.
Also, please register on our forums first before applying!

They are as followed:

1x Web Developer - To create html code to finish our website
- To finish forums permissions and make website more efficient
- To edit the design to make it look better
- To customize our bans page to make it look better
- Will need some degree of html knowledge

1x Web Designer - To help design graphics for the website
- To create a better banner / logo for the website
- To create a better server icon for the server and website
- To create a better background for our website

1x Plugin Developer - To enchant the server by creating custom content
- Will need some degree of Java & Spigot API knowledge
- Please email for more details
Accepted a java developer!

3x 1x Builder - To create lovely building on our server
- To create a new spawn
- To create minigame arenas
Accepted ItzKaden & IDasonic for some of the Builder spots!

2x 1x Helper - To help filter out bad language in our chat
- To prevent chat abuse like spammers
- To help players with questions and pass issues to high up staff members

To Apply for Helper, please email [email protected] with the application found below. Please do join the server first and at least play a bit before applying so you know what you are applying for. Tip: freezing (/freeze) a player stops player movement.

To Apply for Builder, please email [email protected] with screenshots of your past builds and any past experience as a builder and/or a staff member.

For all other applications, please email your past experiences and a introduction to [email protected].

Please make your applications thoughtful and detailed. Do not send spam like applications to me!
Optional: If you do not mind, please also sign up on our forums!

For any inquires about this staff opening, please email [email protected] or make a thread on our forums.

Helper Application:

In Game Name:
Alternate Contact Method (ex. Skype):
Hours You Spend On Sever Each Week:
Maturity Level (1-10):
Staff Rank You Are Applying For (Choose Helper If From Non-Staff Rank):
Do you respect and read the rules?:
How would you use /freeze?
How would you use /report to escalate anything you are not sure or cannot handle?
How would you use /warn?
How would you use /tempmute and /temp?
How would you use /tempban and /ban?
Do you have experience as a staff member?
Would you like to add anything else?

Thank you for reading

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Mintheads Application

Postby Mintheads » Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:29 am

What rank are you applying for?I am appying for the rank of Developer
Why should we accept you?You should accept me because i am learning HTML (even though i know alot of HTML) and i am leanring JAVA and JAVASCRIPT so i can make plugins for the server. I already helped you with your spawn and access the enderchest, enchanting tables, anvils, ect. I can config plugins very well and if needed i can learn plugins that i dont know about. I know almost every plugin out there.
Teamspeak, Discord, Skype?My teamspeak name is Mintheads (soon to be Minthead) my discord is Mintheads#4405 and my skype is Mintheads.
Any Additional Information?I have a youtube channel so i can advertise the server. I have many friends that can come on the server. I can help with pretty much anything.

I hope you enjoyed my application. Talk to you later]
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Re: Open Staff Application Spots!

Postby IEpicDestroyer » Sun Apr 30, 2017 5:09 am

Hi there!

You seem to be using part of the Helper application, it said specifically what to do for a developer application and to send it via email. Please expect a reply by email tomorrow.
~ IEpicDestroyer
Owner of Epic Legends
[email protected]
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